Why choose ARC

Our Quotations

  • Competitive prices
  • Layout with quotes
  • Clear cost structure
  • Choice of materials in each quote
  • Transport cost clearly stated
  • Import duty included

ISO 9001 Certified

High standards and constant improvement are two of the corner stones in our ongoing sucess. To ensure that we stay on the right path we have chosen to be certified by one of the worlds leading bodies in ISO certification DNV.

ARC Tooling holds an ISO 9001 certificate and the main focuses are:

  • Quality management system
  • Management responsibility
  • Resource management
  • Product realisation
  • Measurement, analysis, and improvement

The certificate is available for download from our media section under documents.

Our Project Handling Capabilities

The thing we hear most from our customers is how extremely well we handle projects from start to finish. There is always a structured work flow and a sense of urgency to get projects running and finished on time.

This is achieved by employing the best project managers we can find. Setting high standards internally and always following set working methods.

Each project gets a dedicated project leader that follows your tools through the design and production steps. This means that you can always get your answers and updates from the same person, and nothing can fall through the cracks.

Our Quality

Our overall mission is to be a growing company that always makes it’s customers more than satisfied. To achieve this we are always focused on

  • Decisions based on Facts.
  • Process oriented way of working with stepped process control as the base.
  • All key parameters are measured, from material purchase to delivery.
  • Continuous improvement with PAR and CAR is implemented based on TQM.
  • All tools are inspected before T1 and before delivery according to our 69 point protocol, and added customer needs.
  • Full measurement reports from our TESA CMM and Video measuring machine.
  • In machine measurements with Blum probes.

On-time Deliveries

On time delivery is crucial in every project and at ARC Tooling we are managing a very high accuracy to T1, an accuracy we are constantly working to improve. This is done through detailed project plans and constant monitoring and reporting in our ERP system.

ARC Tooling Today

Today we manufacture more than 450 tools yearly. The factory is not a joint venture or a purchased Chinese establishment, but was completely built up byour swedish owner and his co-workers. We are a Swedish company with the Småland entrepreneurship-spirit as lead star, located in China!

The driving force for our owner and our MD Peter is to constantly develop the company. ”Making progress is what makes it fun and exciting”. It is essential to create possibilities to improve and develop for all employees. Our next ambition is to once more double the turnover, preferably without increasing the number of employees. It is a tough goal, but so far the development has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a western corporation in China, we understand then need for and work hard to be a role model in CSR.

ARC Tooling have a functioning program for this and is constantly working to ensure:

  • No under age workers
  • Minimize production hazards
  • Minimize our environmental impact

Easy Access

We are located in the westernized area of Shekou just on the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. This is one of the most accessible areas of China. It is very easy to fly into Hong Kong airport and get a 35 minute ferry direct to Shekou. From there it is a 35 minutes car ride to our factory in Fuyong. The customs and immigration process is completed upon disembarking the ferry.