About us

With a wide European footprint and all in-house production, ARC Tooling customers can always feel secure with their injection tools.

ARC Tooling has engineered and manufactured thousands of world class plastic injection tools, and with our own trial facilities we have gained a fantastic experience in tool reliability.

Arc Moulds have had a presence in the UK for some 8 years now, and in that time have become a well respected name in the UK tooling business. We have built up a UK customer base from nothing, to what we are today, based on good service and quality tooling.

The Arc UK sales office is different, as we are not an “agency” (as so many are), but we are “Arc” through and through. Here in the UK, every tool we obtain is manufactured in our own tool factory, located in FuYong, Shenzhen, China. This clearly gives us consistency of design and manufacturing procedures.

The UK office is headed up by Mr Terry Spencer (a much respected name in the industry for over 50 years). From this office, we can if need be attend component design meetings, tool design meetings, and complete project management of the tool build, through to tool trialling, sampling, shipping and delivery of the tools to our customers premises.

Our UK office team will supply comprehensive quotations, not only giving prices, but full tool and steel specifications, production and delivery times, along with air or sea freight costs. Also we will supply full 3D CAD tool drawings, for ease of changes/approval, before any steel gets cut.

We can then, from our UK offices control any UK ”back up” that may be needed, by way of any further work that may be needed after tool delivery, in terms of repair, changes, modifications, and /or any warranty work that may be required. All the UK tooling carries a warranty against manufacturing faults.

So we in the UK welcome your enquiries, as we can take on any type, size, or however many tools you require, and oversee there manufacture, in our own extensive factory in China.

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